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The Web site was created and produced by Equentity LLC, Akron/Canton, Ohio , serving the Akron, Canton and surrounding areas, with offices in West Yorkshire and Teesside UK.

The design and development of the Web site was approached thoughtfully to make the site as widely accessible as possible. Visitors using any browsing configuration are welcome to peruse this site. This includes visitors with text browsers, screen readers, any Web browser released within the last five years, PDAs, cell phones, tablet PCs and other alternative browsing devices. This site honors user-specified style sheets, and is optimized to load in a timely manner on connections of any speed.

Most Netscape 4.x users will notice that while the site is perfectly functional, it displays in a text-only format. Because of the age and questionable design of this browser version, styling in Netscape 4.x would have prevented the use of many development techniques meant to cater to the requirements of individuals with special browsing needs. Those with compromised vision (low-level sight/colorblindness) or blindness may have been particularly affected in a negative way. The current design methods do not inhibit access to Netscape 4.x users (the site simply looks different), and similarly does not inhibit use by those with specific requirements.

We recommend upgrading to one of the following free browsers to get the most complete experience:

FireFox 4.5 mb.
Opera 3.4/16.2 mb.
K-Meleon 5.3 mb.

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